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Real Estate Complaint Form2024/05/07, Download
Salesman Registration Form2024/03/31, Download
Dormancy Form2024/03/31, Download
Developer Application Form2024/03/31, Download
Dealer Registration Form2024/03/31, Download
Attachment Form2024/03/31, Download
Appeals – Form 112024/03/29, Download
Declaration Form Template2024/03/29, Download
Notice Letter Template2024/03/29, Download
Continuing Professional Development Refresher Course Curriculum – Live Virtual Lectures Modality2024/03/29Download
The Real Estate Dealers Leadership and Management Programme – Programme Description2024/03/29Download
Pre-Licensing Course for Salesmen Curriculum2024/03/29Download
Notice of Electronic Annual General Meeting – Template2024/01/23, Download
Notice of In-Person Annual General Meeting – Template2024/01/23, Download
CSC Proxy Form Template2024/01/23, Download
Application to Waive or Reduce Fees – Form 142024/01/16, Download
Strata Appeals Tribunal – Form 112024/01/16Download
First Registration – Form 72024/01/16, Download
Complainant-Form 10 Dispute Resolution & Order2024/01/16, Download
Application For Power of Sale – Form 92024/01/16, Download
Annual Returns – Form 13C2024/01/16, Download
Annual Returns – Form 13B2024/01/16, Download
Annual Returns – Form 13A2024/01/16, Download
Annual Registration – Form 82024/01/16, Download
Update Contact Information Form2024/01/15Download
Statutory Declaration Form (Re Prepayment Contract)2024/01/15, Download
Registered Development Search Form2024/01/15, Download
Fit and Proper Form for Salesmen2024/01/15, Download
Fit and Proper Form for Dealers2024/01/15, Download
Developer Status Declaration Form2024/01/15, Download
Dealer/Salesman Search Request Form2024/01/15, Download
Certificate of Employment2024/01/15, Download
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