Continuing Professional Development Courses

  • How to Register for Self-Paced CPDs

Step 1: Register and Pay on the Client Portal

To register for a self-paced CPD, the practitioner is required to login to the Client Portal. The practitioner should then navigate to the desired CPD course, enter the required information and make the payment. After confirmation of registration the course will be added to the MyRETIOnline Platform.

Timeline for Completion after Registration
It must be noted that online self-paced course must be completed within 90 days of registration.  If you fail to do so, your registration for the course will be cancelled.  If you are to again take the course, you will have to come into the office, pay for the course, after which we will re-register you.

Step 2: Enrol on the MyRETIOnline Platform

New Registrants for MyRETIOnline

Use the invitation link in your email to create an account on the MyRETIOnline Platform. Practitioners must use the same email address for the Client Portal and MyRETIOnline.

Existing Users of MyRETIOnline

The course will be added on you MyRETIOnline Dashboard within 2 business days.

Step 3: Using MyRETIOnline

After logging in to MyRETIOnline navigate to the My CPD Courses section of the dashboard to view available courses.  Follow the instructions, watch the videos, note the completion codes and complete the course.

Step 4: Quiz – Participation Codes

Once you have completed watching the videos, you will be directed to an online quiz in which you will be asked to identify the participation codes.  These codes were interspersed throughout the videos.  You are required to know all the codes but the quiz will randomly ask for three (3) of a possible five codes.  You have three (3) opportunities to complete the quiz.  If unsuccessful after three attempts, you will be required to pay an additional access fee for the re-sit.  Once you have successfully completed the quiz (100%) you will be sent an auto-generated completion certificate for your records.

We will ensure that your completion records are uploaded to the registry. 

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Important Dates

Client Portal
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Bill Payment

NCB or Scotiabank


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