Dispute Resolution

  • Notices for the convening of general meetings
  • The removal of animals or things (e.g. vehicles, objects) from the common property
  • Enforcement of the bylaws
  • The demolition of illegal extensions into the common property 
  • Proprietors and their agents 
  • Executive committees, on behalf of their respective strata corporations 
  • Steps to File a Dispute

Application Fee

Proof of Service

Supporting Documents

Step 1: Submit an application

The complainant is required to file: 

  • One completed application form, Form 10, per complaint 
  • Application fee of $4000.00, per complaint  
  • Proof of service of the complaint on the Respondent
  • Attach all supporting documents, for example: 
    • Minutes of meetings 
    • Photographs 
    • Notices served 
    • Statements of Accounts 
    • Reports from technical experts 

Step 2: Processing

A case number will be assigned in the format DR/xx-xx/xx and the parties will be advised of the scheduled date of the first hearing within five (5) business days of receipt of the application.  Thereafter, the parties may check the Dispute Resolution Roster for the dates of upcoming hearings.

Step 3: Outcome of Application

At the conclusion of the hearing the parties will receive the Commission’s decision. 

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