Salesman Upgrade Process

  • Upgrade Process

A current Salesman Licence

Successful Completion of the Dealers course

Completed Attachment

All the required documents from the Dealer Registration process

Step 1: Apply and complete the Course for Dealers

A Salesman who would like to become a Dealer must be practising for minimum of one (1) years. Once this requirement is met, the Salesman must apply for and complete the Pre-Licensing Course for Dealers.

Step 2: Apply for attachment to an approved Dealer

You must have successfully completed the course for Dealers before applying for Attachment.

The attachment process can be found here. A written and an oral exam is required for successful completion of Attachment.

Step 3: Complete Dealer Registration process

The dealer registration process is detailed here. Remember that your attachment report approval will also be verified at this point.

Step 4: Obtain Dealer’s Licence

Please note that once you have been officially notified that you have been approved as a Real Estate Dealer and that your licence has been printed, the Salesman Licence must be returned upon collection of the Dealer’s Licence.

A release form is not required for this process.

Your registration on the Public Register will now be under the category of Dealer.


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Bill Payment

NCB or Scotiabank


Debit/Credit Card
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