RETI Course Material goes Paperless

The Real Estate Training Institute has taken the environmentally-friendly decision to go paperless, substituting the stack of printed course material usually given to persons doing the pre-licensing courses, to an electronic format.  The move is also intended as a cost-saving measure to the organization.

For persons who are insistent on receiving the printed documents, there will be a $10,000 cost to do so.  While previous cohorts received the documents included in the overall course fee, the Board has decided to go this route as a means of containing its own cost in lieu of any course increase at present.   

The package of documents for the pre-licensing course for salesmen, of which seven cohorts were held in 2022, includes at least seven sets of documents at a combined page count of over six-hundred pages, including coloured pages.  This is in addition to miscellaneous documents and handouts such as test papers.  Considering that each course includes a cohort of approximately ninety (90) students, the printing cost can easily reach one-million dollars annually.   

The Board did significant research in reaching this decision, undertaking a cost/benefit analysis, even considering the cost of out-sourcing printing, or purchasing a new, heavy-duty print machine.  This confirmed the position that neither option was viable without a significant increase in the course cost, a last resort the organization was ready to make.

The promoted the change heavily to the industry to give persons the necessary notice.  The information was placed on its website, in the notification to successful applicants and in the print media.  The Board also designed a Going Paperless logo which will feature in its public education initiatives, The change was implemented with the first 2023 cohort.

The Real Estate Training Institute offers pre-licensing training for real estate dealers, salesmen and property managers, and has been in operation since 2016.

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