Strata Appeals Tribunal

The Strata Appeals Tribunal was established in 2010 to hear appeals from any person aggrieved by a decision of either: 

  • the Commission, or
  • a Strata Corporation  

The Tribunal was also created to adjudicate matters affecting the administration and management of strata properties referred to it by: 

  • A Strata Corporation 
  • A Proprietor, or 
  • The Commission  

Examples of the types of appeals that have come before the Tribunal include: 

  • Appeals of Certificates of Powers of Sale 
  • Enforcement of Bylaws 
  • Appeals against decisions of the executive committees on the use of the common property
  • Appeals against resolutions passed by Strata Corporations
  • Appeals against decisions of the Commission arising from hearings of complaints
  • Recovery of monies spent by proprietors for roof repairs

The current members of the Tribunal are: 

  • Hon. Mr. Justice Ferdinand Smith, CD (Ret’d) – Chairman 
  • Ms. Gail English – Member 
  • Mrs. Sonia McFarlane – Member 
  • Mr. Patrick Fletcher – Member 

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