Applying for a Status Certificate

The Commission ensures that relevant data on strata corporations is available to prospective purchasers to support them in making informed purchasing decisions.

If a prospective purchaser is comfortable with the responsibilities of strata living and has narrowed their search to a particular corporation; part of their due diligence exercise prior to the actual purchase should include obtaining a status certificate on that corporation.

The certificate does not guide whether or not to buy into a strata corporation, it simply provides additional information (similar to property tax search, query on outstanding water bills) which will help in your decision-making process.

The provision of status certificates is one of the most useful tools for prospective strata owners. 

It provides historical data about a specific strata and highlights the compliance track record of the Corporation, and captures:

  • the period of last annual returns filed,
  • date of last audit,
  • number of complaints filed,
  • number of Power of Sale Certificates issued

This can be obtained within five (5) business days of an application and a fee of JMD $1,000.   

As per the request form, you will need to provide your: name, ID Type and number, telephone number, address and applicant details/category.

You will also be required to provide the Proprietors’ Strata Plan (PSP) number and the address.

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