Code of Ethics and Best Practice

Real estate professionals are expected to abide by a code of ethics which demand integrity and honestly in their conduct.  They should also desist from any conduct which can bring the profession into disrepute. Some of these are spelt out in the Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Code of Ethics Regulations.

Among the codes of practice, as well as general best practice guidelines real estate professionals are expected to follow include:

  1. Ensure that the content of advertisements published by him/her comply with the requirements of the Act and Regulations.  This includes the accuracy of the contents of the advertisement, and include the name(s) and registration information of the professionals involved, and as much information about the land/unit as is practical.
  2. Registration certificate should be displayed in a conspicuous position in his/her office.
  3. Dealers must maintain an office used specifically for practicing real estate. The Dealer must display a sign on the outside of the building, bearing the business’ name
  4. Dealers and salesmen must report to the Board, any unprofessional or dishonest conduct of another dealer, salesman or developer. 
  5. Dealers and salesmen should never discourage any party to a transaction in which he or she is involved, from seeking legal advice.
  6. A professional should never become involved in any conduct which is or could be perceived to be a conflict of interest, such as representing both the seller and vendor in a transaction.
  7. A real estate dealer or salesman should never knowingly permit any property under his control to be used unlawfully.

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