All CPD Courses Now Self-Paced

All CPD courses offered by the Real Estate Training Institute are now fully on-line and self-paced.

CPD courses, usually a few hours in length, are courses professionals are required to take on an on-going basis, to not only retain their licence, but to remain current with the latest developments in their industry.  Having long been a part of other sectors and professions such as law and medicine, CPDs became a requirement for real estate professionals in 2020. 

Currently, there are at least five mandatory CPD courses required of real estate dealers and salesmen.  The mandatory courses are: Common Issues in the Real Estate Industry, The Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act, The Terrorism Prevention Act, Go-AML (for Dealers and Salesmen) and Anti-Money Laundering II.  However, there is a two-year window after initial registration, within which practitioners must complete these courses to remain registered.  Additional optional courses have been offered intermittently including those in real estate sales, strata/community management and social media marketing.  

“We are quite excited to be at this point as it is something we have been exploring for a few months now. The fact that we intend to offer our clients this learning modality in a manner that does not tie them to a particular date or time to sit these courses, is a game-changer for us.  We have also explored the issues of monitoring, that is ensuring that persons have in fact viewed the content, and not just leave it running in the background, but are able to recall content.”  This is according to the Senior Director/Principal of the Real Estate Training Institute, Dr. Tina Beale.  “We have settled on a way of ensuring that persons have actually watched these videos and in some cases, even included an assessment tool to not only gauge participation, but also retention.”

Dr. Beale also explained that this is a part of the growth and development of content delivery as provided by the Institute, leading to improved user experience for its clients. “In improving our service delivery, particularly in the post-Pandemic environment, we are leveraging technology and what it can do. The CPDs will also be administered through the MyRETI Online Learning Management Platform.”  As its name suggests, MyRETI Online is a bespoke platform that is accessible to RETI lecturers and course participants. It incorporates their timetables, links to lectures, consultation meetings, lecture recordings, study materials, assignments, announcements and meeting reminders.  “The feedback to the platform thus far has generally been positive, and we think that our practitioners will also benefit from its use when completing the CPDs,” she asserted.

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