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Cancellation Policy

Credit Card Payments – Payments can be made using Master Cards, Keycards and Visa Cards at this time. You certify that you are authorized to make payments using the credit card(s) used to access this online service, and any payment you make using this service will be billed against an account that you are legally authorized to use. You should review those agreements from the credit card providers for any applicable fees, for limitations on the number of transactions you can make, and for other restrictions that might limit your use of your card with this online payment service. Please also ensure that you print and retain your receipt which will be providedto you on completion of your payment transaction.

In the event you have erroneously made a payment using this online payment service, you must, within 14 days from the purported transaction date, report the erroneous transaction and submit a refund claim in person to the REB – ensuring that you provide your receipt evidencing the payment made and all other supporting documentation required by REB to assist in processing the refund application.  In the event REB can substantiate that the payment was in fact made in error, REB will as soon as practicable refund to the Customer’s credit card such sums substantiated, without interest or penalty thereon.