Registration Information & Guidelines for Dealers


Requirements For Registration As A Real Estate Dealer

Qualification requirements:
  • A pass in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) final examination in General Practice, Land Agency and Agriculture or Planning and Development or;
  • A Degree or Diploma in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying from the University of Technology or;
  • A degree or diploma in Estate Management, Land Economy or Land Management from other recognized institutions or;
  • Certificate in the 160H Dealers Course at the Real Estate Training Institute (1 Surbiton Road, Kingston 10).

Registration requirements:

  • Submit a completed application form (including the steps below) to the Real Estate Board and attend an interview with a Board Inspector. The form is available from   the Real Estate Board Office or Website;
  • Pay an Application Fee of J$20,000.00 (NB: Only Manager's Cheques and Debit Cards Will Be Accepted at the office of the Real Estate Board. Other payments must be made by our payment voucher at any Bank  of Nova Scotia or online via the Real Estate Board's website);
  • Submit 3 letters of reference with application form from any of the following list of persons:-
    • Justice of the Peace
    • Collector of Taxes
    • Minister of Religion
    • Medical Practitioner
    • Teacher
    • Civil Servant
    • Police Officer
    • Bank Manager
    • Real Estate Dealer.
  • Pay fees (below) to any of the thirty offices of the Inland Revenue Department for police clearance re fraud (if the applicant is a body corporate, the fee must be paid for each director and secretary).  Fingerprinting is required and is done at the CIB office located at 34 Duke Street, Kingston, police stations at Summit in St. James, May Pen in Clarendon and Pompano Bay in St. Mary, where the report should be collected and submitted to the Real Estate Board. 

Effective June 01, 2013 fees have been increased as follows:

Regular twenty-one (21) days   - $3,000.00

                      five (5) days  - $6,000.00
                         same day   - $8,000.00 (Duke Street Branch only)

  • Bankruptcy Clearance Report receipt (report will be sent directly to REB)

Institution: The Supervisor of Insolvency and Government Trustee
Location: 52-60 Grenada Crescent, Kingston 5
Fee: $J3,000.00
for clearance re bankruptcy (if the applicant is a body corporate, the fee must be paid for each director and secretary).

  • Submit certified copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation if the applicant is a body corporate;
  • 2 passport size photographs certified by an Attorneys-at-law, Pastors or Justices of the Peace (for individual applicants only);
  • Submit proof of address; i.e. Utility Bills or letter from a Justice of the Peace confirming address;
  • Complete a period of attachment of at least one year in the office of a dealer approved by the Board

Requirements for Registration of a person who is the holder of an Overseas License

Qualification requirements:

  • Submit a certified copy of a current practicing brokers' licence (acceptable to the Board);
  • Submit proof of practice in real estate business for the last year from application date. For those who cannot provide same, the applicant must seek an attachment with a local Dealer;
  • Submit evidence of a pass in the Aspects of Jamaican Land Law examination at the University of Technology;
  • Submit evidence of participation in 20 hours of the 100H Salesman's Course at the Real Estate Training Institute and;
  • Work Permit is necessary for Non Jamaicans and Non Caricom Members through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (www.mlss.gov.jm)

Registration requirements: 

  • Pay an Application Fee of J$25,000.00 (NB: Only Manager's Cheques and Debit Cards Will Be Accepted at the office of the Real Estate Board. Other payments must be made by our payment voucher at any Bank  of Nova Scotia or via the Real Estate Board's website);
  • Where applicants are currently residing overseas or have been residing overseas for six (6) months prior to application, please contact the Real Estate Board for further information regarding Bankruptcy and Police clearances.

The previous registration requirements as a dealer are applicable

Guidelines for Dealers

  • There can be more than one Qualifying Director for a Body Corporate, but the licence fee paid by the company will cover only one qualifying director.  All other dealers and salesmen must be individually licenced.  See Section 13 (1).
  • Where a Dealer practices under a trading name, proof that the registration of the current trading name must be provided annually upon renewal of the licence. (Evidence of payment at the Companies Office is applicable).
  • Each dealer should provide a list of salesmen to the Board annually. A statutory declaration should be provided where there are no salesmen.
  • Please provide a copy of the dealer’s latest audited clients’ account and confirmation that the client’s account is being operated in accordance with the Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act. If the dealer does not accept clients’ deposits, then he/it may advise the Board of the same.
  • After ninety (90) days of non-payment of licence fees, all dealers will be automatically regarded as being inactive.  In order to resume practice of the business of real estate, Radyo Dinle the dormancy fee plus penalty on the licence fee will be due.  All dormant practitioners will be published on the Board’s website.  All salesmen attached to these dealers will not be licenced.
  • In the event that the balance of the licence fee is not paid by September 30th, the licence previously issued will automatically become void on October 1st.
  • All salesmen employed to a dealer must hold current licences.
  • Salesmen who have obtained the qualification as dealers may exercise the option to remain registered as salesmen.  However, once registered as a dealer, the licence fee applicable to dealers must be paid.
  • The Board of Directors has decided that as a Condition of Licencing for the 2015-2016 period Dealers/Salesmen should complete a required number of hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  This will be applicable to persons licenced prior to 2011.  Persons licenced 2012 and after must complete CPD courses every two (2) years. (Please note this was introduced to the practitioners in the financial period of 2014-2015. You will be kept up to date as to the venue, date and time via the Board’s website, the Commission’s website, electronically and in the print media.)
  • Dealer’s registered address and licence number must be included in all advertisements.

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